Private Caretaker Service and Second Home Management – Vaucluse

Private Caretaker Service and Second-Home Management – Vaucluse

Sérénisud is a private caretaker service, based in Caromb, in the heart of the Comtat Venaissin, that gives peace of mind to owners of second homes in Vaucluse who want to fully enjoy their property the stress-free way…

We will take care of your property in your absence and ensure that everything remains in perfect condition throughout the year. We are responsible for the maintenance of a number of properties in Vaucluse, and our experience in property management will relieve you of the worries often associated with the maintenance of real estate.

Regular Inspection of Your Home

Knowing that someone calls at your house regularly to check that everything is in order gives you piece of mind when you are away. We will carry out detailed and thorough inspections, both indoors and outdoors. We will make sure that the facilities and equipment in your second home are always ready for use and in working order (electricity, water, frost, heating, swimming pool, watering, etc.), that the house is aired and your mailbox is emptied (we can forward or scan important mail). After each visit to your home, we can furnish a report upon request. We will keep you informed at all times.

Swimming Pool Maintenance and Care

A swimming pool should be there to be enjoyed, and not a maintenance nightmare! If you are having trouble keeping the water clean and clear, Sérénisud will take care of it!

Sérénisud takes care of the weekly maintenance that swimming pools require during the high season.

Garden Maintenance

Mowing lawns, weeding paths, sweeping autumn leaves and other garden jobs, are also services that we can provide on request.

Maintenance of Buildings: Small Repairs and Monitoring of Works

Being based at the heart of the Vaucluse region, and should the need arise, we can also act as an intermediary and liaise, on your behalf, with workmen who will carry out works in your second home, your garden or your swimming pool during your absence. We can recommend for you a range of carefully-selected and reputable craftsmen from our region (Provence), all trades combined.

For foreign clients (and also for French speakers, if they want me to act on their behalf!), we can take care of the complex red tape to do with your second home and liaise with the French civil service (city council, tax services, Internet providers, EDF electricity provider, etc.). We are also happy to translate important documents for you (French/English).

Sérénisud, conciergerie privée : services d'intendance pour votre résidence secondaire dans le Vaucluse.

Sérénisud, Janitor services and second home caretaker, in Vaucluse and Provence


A private concierge in Caromb, Vaucluse Provence: Tailor-made MANAGEMENT AND MAINTENANCE SERVICES, TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE, RAPID AND EFFICIENT INTERVENTIONS & SOLUTIONS offered in the face of the daily hassle of a second home. BOTH DURING YOUR PRESENCE AND IN YOUR ABSENCE.

A range of concierge property services and tailor – made services, in Vaucluse,
Provence, as … the monitoring of your second home during your absence, the follow – up of your mail,
the execution of small indoors or outdoors works, garden maintenance of your second home, swimming pool maintenance,
the follow-up works, a personalized accompaniment for your administrative procedures …