Pool maintenance

A swimming pool should be there to be enjoyed and not a maintenance nightmare! If you find it tricky to test and treat the water so that it remains clean and clear, Sérénisud is here for you.

Sérénisud takes care of the weekly maintenance that swimming pools require during the high season, namely :

  • Water testing : turbidity (is the water cloudy?) PH, chlorine, anti-limestone, salt *, anti-algae, etc …
  • Monitoring and maintenance of the pool: water level, cleaning the skimmers, the water line and any surface deposits (leaves, pine needles, etc.) Brushing and/or vacuuming * the bottom and walls.
  • Checking and maintenance of the equipment : checking all hydraulic and electrical elements (operation, cleanliness, sealing). Cleaning the pump & pre-filter basket, backwashing sand filters, adjusting PH * and liquid chlorine levels*, checking salt chlorinators *, setting filtration timings (if not automatic) and cleaning automatic vacuums/poolsweeps. *
Maintenance des équipements de votre piscine de résidence secondaire et entretien de votre piscine, dans le Vaucluse, par Sérénisud, conciergerie privée à Caromb.
Maintenance, entretien, contrôle de l’eau, maintenance du bassin de la piscine de votre résidence secondaire | Vaucluse.

Sérénisud supplies the relevant pool products and spare parts (if repairs are needed) for the smooth running of your pool. Sérénisud takes care of all minor repair jobs to do with the machinery (pump, filters, hydraulics, etc.) and can replace the filter media if necessary (sand or sand powder for sand filters). However, for more major work, such as the replacement of a liner, specialised pool experts will be brought in.

At the beginning and end of the season, Sérénisud will take care of opening and closing your swimming pool: winterisation in the fall (active or passive according to your choice) and installation of the winter cover. We will then ensure that the pool is ready for use in spring (removing winter cover, complete cleaning of the pool, water treatment and inspection of all equipment).

In winter, an inspection every three weeks is adequate. Sérénisud can take care of this alongside the routine services we offer (patrol rounds, inspection and maintenance of the house and garden, etc.)

*if equipped